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Down To Earth turns heads with its organic beers & locally-sourced dishes

Down To Earth

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What they say:

Down To Earth is a restaurant based on Glasgow's Dumbarton Road that's dedicated to only serving dishes that are 100% organic. Open from early in the morning and serving everything from breakfast through to dinner, the kitchen prides itself on only using ingredients that are locally sourced, free of pesticides and unnecessary chemicals, and using meats that follow the highest animal welfare standards. Fresh and showcasing the finest natural flavours available, Down To Earth prides itself on being Scotland's only totally organic eatery.

What we say:

'Clean living' and 'natural' are words that have been doing the rounds in some of Britain's biggest nightlife circles. However, Down To Earth is leading the way north of the border and has already made a pretty big splash with their fresh flavours. It's no surprise that their menu - featuring revolving roast dinners, toasted sourdough and a range of egg-based dishes - has been such a hit. But it's the organic beer and cider that's caught our eyes. Free of artificial chemicals and added flavouring, each bottle is created using organic fruit that's been allowed to ferment for over a year. Better still, thanks to the lack of additives, it's been rumoured that they'll mercifully leave you hangover-free.