New bar spy - The Duchess of Argyle

The renowned Kained Holdings group open a Mexican restaurant on Glasgow's Argyle Street

The Duchess of Argyle

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What they say:

The Duchess of Argyle is the latest addition to the Kained Holdings group's family of venues, based on Glasgow's vibrant Argyle Street. Focused on fresh Mexican recipes, the venue hopes to draw in diners that are looking to push a few boundaries and try something new. Street food is the name of the game, so guests can tuck into likes of soft tacos, filled with seasoned meat and grilled vegetables. Rounding off the dining experience, there's an array of tequila and mezcal-infused cocktails available, courtesy of the bar's talented mixologists and impressive collection of spirits. 

What we say:

Glasgow is blessed with a huge number of different restaurants but remains underwhelming when it comes to Mexican food. Thankfully, the famous Kained Holdings group had the same thought. The fresh ingredients and traditional recipes will, of course, make the street food dishes amazing, but it's the cocktails that have really caught our eye. After all, the Duchess of Argyle is home to the only Tapatio Tequila margarita machine in the world. With yeas of experience under their belts, we have a feeling this won't be the last time you hear the venue's name.