New Bar Spy - Derby Lane

This Colourful New Finnieston Bar Serves An Attenborough-Inspired Menu Of Eco-Friendly Cocktails

Derby Lane


Now Open

This bar isn't just a pretty face. Channelling tiki vibes with its aqua blue façade, neon lighting, hanging wisteria and dashes of pink and gold, Derby Lane is offering so much more than Instagram opportunities.

What makes this place so special? Well for starters, there’s a whole menu dedicated to the UK’s favourite natural historian, David Attenborough. The restaurant bar is paying homage with an eco-friendly ethos and a minimal carbon footprint, championing conscious spirits from Glasgow’s independent makers. So expect to find sustainable sips such as the DL bloody mary with home-blended rosemary chilli vodka, secret spice mix, tomato juice, lemon and hot sauce. There’s also the tempting Glasgow botanical sour with Latitude 55 spirit, which uses botanicals instead of the endangered juniper plant, lemon, egg white, citrus bitters and an Irn Bru reduction if you really want a taste of the city.

Of course you’re going to need something to line your stomach. If you love breakfast food (who doesn’t?) you’re in luck as it’s all about the brunch goodies at Derby Lane. Whether you’ve got a hankering for Loch Fyne benedict with langoustines, lobster rolls with fresh caviar or haggis and Monkey Shoulder bon bons, there’s plenty of delicious scran up for grabs - including veggie and vegan options. And if you're stopping by on a Sunday? There's no way you can miss out on the seasonal roast dinners ruling the menu.