New bar spy - Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen Glasgow

Master brewers Innis & Gunn are bringing their flagship craft beer bar The Beer Kitchen to Glasgow

Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen Glasgow

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TBC 2017

What they say:

Branching from their Dundee, Endinburgh and St Andrews branches, expert craft brewers Innis & Gunn are opening their flagship bar and restaurant The Beer Kitchen in Glasgow. The venue will be committing to its goal of serving the best quality craft beer across its three floors: the bottom floor is where the beer will be brewed, the first floor is the restaurant and the top floor is a bar serving the finest matured craft beer. Keeping in line with the quality drink, the restaurant will offer traditional Scottish gastro food.

What we say:

Innis & Gunn are master brewers for a reason and raising £2.5 million to build The Beer Kitchen in Glasgow is proof that they've earned that title. Each of their brewed beers are matured in special oak casks, which gives it the unique taste for which it's become famous. Luckily, they're including some of those delicious flavours in their restaurant, including some amazing Scottish gastro classics and, of course, the Chieftan Haggis, served with potato mash, bashed neeps, and a creamy 'Innis & Gunn Original' sauce, if you want to really commit to those Scottish flavours.