Despite its standing as one of the last few 'proper' pubs in the West End, The Arlington is by no means your traditional boozer. Frequented by an eclectic fan base, The Arli is your go-to for cheap pints, raucous camaraderie and dancing on tables 'til close.

The Venue:

Unassumingly perched on the end of Woodlands Road, The Arli is fast becoming something of an institution. In the summer, the charmingly well-worn exterior swing doors are open to those wanting a cool pint upon the street side tables; as soon as nightfall hits, one can hide a multitude of sins in the dimly lit, oak floored interior of this wonderfully versatile space. The walls are dripping with curios and photographs of times gone by, as well as posters for the next all day parties to be held in the pub. Turntables sit in the furthest corner beside THE Stone of Destiny (or so the proprietor claims). 

Look at them, relaxing outside their favourite West End party boozer. 

The Food & Drink:

Like the most traditional of Glaswegian pubs, The Arlington only serves snacks: nuts, packets of crisps and hot pies if you’re lucky. That said, The Arlington is a relaxed, community based watering hole that wouldn't necessarily bat an eyelid if you were to share a takeaway pizza from next door; all hail the accomodating bar staff, who are both friendly and good looking in equal measures.  

Anyway, you really came here for a drink, and a cheap one at that. You won't pay more than £1.20 for a house spirit and mixer, and a 'half and half' is a mere £3. The more seasoned ale drinker can enjoy a pint of one of the rotating beers on tap, all of which are priced around the £3 mark. They also serve an assortment of shots, and these are gone through thick and fast most nights of the week.

Evenings here vary, with open-mic night being popular, and Friday and Saturdays' Hip Hop and Soul DJs usually bringing in a heaving, pre-club crowd. Large groups of chatty people flood in and out right up until closing time, so if you didn’t have plans for the evening, you might by the time you leave.

Far from a traditional boozer, The Arlington is your top spot for raucous partying and cheap pints. 


A second home to Glasgow's student population, and ever adored by local characters, roller-bladers and music aficionados alike, The Arlington is unashamedly rough and ready. A great place for people watching or partying, the atmosphere is consistently warm and friendly; everyone is  made to feel welcome, especially if they like a stiff drink and a good dance. The Stone of Destiny might not be real, but everything else is authentic.