New bar spy - Shilling Brewing Co.

Glasgow city's first brewpub is announced

Shilling Brewing Co.

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Now Open

What they say:

To reflect the city's 400 year old heritage in sourcing and brewing the perfect pint, Shilling Brewing Co. comes to town as Glasgow's first dedicated brewpub. With a spot pitched in Merchant City, this opening is a haven for all beer connoisseurs as well as those looking to expand their hop palate. 

What we say:

As a city which boasts over 400 years of beer enthused history and see themselves as 'pioneers of the perfect pint', it's a shocker that Glasgow city's first brewpub is only just here. Shinning Brewing Co. is a welcome addition to the city's drinking scene bringing with it some in-house fresh brewed beers, independent labels and some local favourites to kick things off.