Section-33 aims to shed light on old music hall with pop-up restaurant

Added on . By Elly Perlowitz.

Kyle Steele of Section-33, Credit: Herald Scotland

Kyle Steele of Section-33 (Image Credit: Herald Scotland)

The world's oldest surviving music hall, Britannia Panopticon, has new inhabitants and they're serving up modern Scottish cuisine for five days only.

Section-33, the pop-up building the venue, has a knack for exposing venues that need special attention. This time around, diners will sit in old wooden stalls while listening to local Glasgow bands and screening of silent films. 

Prior to the Britannia Panopticon pop-up, the team behind Section-33 launched a restaurant in an empty pool in another part of town. The pop-up restaurant raised £2000 for its restoration. This is the first venture of this nature for Britannia Panopticon, which hopes to bring the same light to its venue. Secretary of the music hall, Judith Bowers says, "it is set to be a fantastic awareness-raising initiative." 

Over the pop-up's five days of opening hours, it is hoping to serve 1,300 diners and to show them a beautiful venue's need for conservation.

Section-33 will be opening its doors at Britannia Panopticon on 18th November for five nights.