La Cheetah Club - Glasgow Club Review

By Natasha Walker.

La Cheetah is a wonderful basement club in Glasgow's City Centre that may be small but plays host big DJs, producers, and label club nights on a weekly basis. This party club has a loyal following thanks to the great atmosphere and friendly clubbers that descend here every week.

The Venue

La Cheetah Club is part of Max's Bar and can be found downstairs as soon as you go through the main door. First of all - it's blinkin' tiny. I believe it's a 200 capacity venue though to reach that lofty figure, everyone would probably need to be packed together like sardines. Some people love the vibe that you only find a in small, intimate venue and I loved La Cheetah for that reason. The club really filled up after midnight, so it certainly seems to appeal to Glasgow's ravers too. The décor is pretty basic, apart from a couple of rather fabulous looking couches that have been upholstered in a cheetah (obviously) print fabric. There is a cloakroom but most people, myself included, were comfortable enough to leave their jackets in various corners of the club. 

Folk may come for the music but the visuals at La Cheetah are pretty funky too.

Clientele & Atmosphere

The crowd at La Cheetah are undoubtedly there for the music. We visited La Cheetah for on a Friday for the Astral Black label night and it was busy, but not to the extent that the dancefloor was packed and you couldn't move. The crowd was between the ages of 20 to 30 and were all dressed casually - there's no specific dress code here so ladies, you can definitely leave the tiny dresses and huge heels at home. There was plenty of dancing going on but people were respectful and didn't get all up in your business with their flailing limbs. Ideal. 

Food & Drink

As a late night club, there's no food on offer, but Max's Bar upstairs does do food during the day. The bar is tiny but you'll find all the usual beers and spirits on offer. Bonus points to the barman for serving my gin and tonic in a tall glass with a wedge of lime. Usually clubs don't bother with little garnishes, so that was certainly a nice touch. There was a blackboard behind the bar with all the deets on various drink promotions, with a sprit and mixer coming in at £2.50. Not too shabby at all.

Yup, we did say it was a small club.


If you're looking for somewhere different to go on a night out, head to La Cheetah. This club may be small, but their soundsystem sure does pack a punch and the clubbers here are laid-back and considerate. We think that La Cheetah is one of Glasgow's best dance music clubs and caters perfectly to Glasgow's underground sound.