Drinking and Dancing in Glasgow

There's nothing more annoying that settling down at your favourite bar for the evening, only to leave a few hours later and venture out into the cold streets on the way to a club. Alright, so you might be wearing your "beer jacket" at the time, but it's still annoying, right? Especially if you're wearing killer heels. If only Glasgow places that you could drink and dance in - we hear you! We've put together the best places for drinking and dancing in Glasgow, so you'll never need to rely on your beer jacket, rum coat, or wine blanket again.

Last updated on 11th August 2022

Get movin' at The Corinthian on Ingram Street. Spanning over five floors, this popular venue is home to a range of live entertainment and music on Saturday nights that's bound to get you on your feet. If you're looking for something thirst-quenching, then opt for a drink at the bar.

Record Factory

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Record Faktory is a fun drinking and dancing venue in the West End. Open until 2am, 7 days a week, Record Faktory is a favourite with students looking for a cheap and fun night out. Drinks and cocktails are served from 12pm, making this the perfect bar for post-lecture drinks with your mates. Order one of Record Faktory's famous pizzas and stick around for one of their club nights - no need to go home, right?

The Flying Duck

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The Flying Duck is a quirky bar and club in Glasgow that is perfect for all your drinking and dancing needs. In fact, it feels more like you're round at someone's house instead of a bar. On the weekends, chill out in their bar area in the evenings before things really get going at one of their popular club nights. If you're there long enough, the lovely folk at the Flying Duck hand out toast to the clubbers free of charge - why don't more places do this? 

Nice 'N' Sleazy

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Nice 'n' Sleazy has the perfect balance of drinking and dancing. The upstairs bar area is the ideal place to chill out with your friends and nod your head along to one of their resident DJs spinning the tunes taking you into the wee hours. The downstairs bar is a stripped back space with more space for dancing, with benches dotted around the dancefloor. Whatever floor you choose, you're bound to have a great time in this popular Glasgow bar.

Buff Club

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So the Buff Club itself doesn't open until 11pm, but bear with us here. They have two sister venues - the Butterfly and the Pig and the Buff Low Cafe which are open throughout the day and evening for pre-club drinking. The Buff Club itself is only a few steps away (well within staggering distance) so when you're ready to dance, you won't have far to go. A great place for drinking and dancing in Glasgow.