Bread Meat's Bread Glasgow

Bread Meats Bread is all about (you guessed it), bread and meat. There's been something of a street food and burger renaissance in Glasgow over the past few years, but I reckon there's still plenty of space for this new City Centre burger bar at the foodie table.

We attended a tasting session before the grand opening - yep, there are a more than a few perks to this gig - and were very impressed indeed. The decor looks great, with farmyard animal figurines hidden in between the booth seating and neon signs on the walls. The real talking point is the glass façade, with floor to ceiling glass replacing traditional walls - perfect for people watching in this busy part of town. The folks at Bread Meats Bread are committed to keeping things local and all of the tables are made from reclaimed wood, sourced from the Glasgow Wood Recycling charity, so that vintage look they've got going on is the real deal!

At the tasting session, we had the chance to try a number of different courses, including sweet potato fries, house smoked pastrami sandwich on rye bread, and three different burgers, each with a different quality of meat. Safe to say we were rather full after all that. As you'd expect, Bread Meats Bread is all about the food, but there's plenty to drink, such as some bottled beer, American crafty favourites, Sierra Nevada and Blue Moon were spotted, along with wine, Kopparberg cand, how about this - they serve Coca Cola in an old school bottle - brownie points for that!

Bread Meats Bread Glasgow

Bread Meats Bread is a cool new burger bar meets sandwich shop in Glasgow City Centre. 

The staff were extremely friendly and knowledgable. They had a real passion for what was on the menu and talked us through every different course we were served. The chefs are very talented, as the food did not disappoint at all. As mentioned earlier, Bread Meats Bread is all about bready, meaty, street food, with the menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, grilled cheese, poutine and gourmet hot dogs. The food is priced between £4 to £10 which is very reasonable indeed for the City Centre. The meat is split into three different types: house blend, which is your standard ground beef; red label, which is ground beef with Italian pork sausage; and black label, which is premium, aged ground beef. I like that there's so much choice and it's obvious a lot of thought has been put into designing the menu. The team have put in a lot of work in sourcing the best local produce, with all the bread and rolls hand made by Glasgow baker, and the meat is smoked in-house. As their head chef put it, "The only thing we keep in our freezers is ice cream". I love that!

We're already a big fan of Bread Meats Bread and we'll definitely be back to try some more delicious offerings. Head here for a quick, tasty alternative to your usual lunch, or pop along in the evening for a laid-back dinner and drinks with friends. I think they might just be on to a winner.