Glasgow pop-up, Tontine Lane, Merchant City Festival, pop-up glasgowCloaked in history, Tontine Lane will be the home of a new pop-up market, offering delicious traditional Scottish street food and irresistible home-brewed craft beers.

Glasgow's Tontine Lane is to be transformed into a bustling street market this Summer as part of the Merchant City Festival. Commencing on the 25th July, the pop-up market will bring a number of street food stalls, urban bars and live art performances to this historic Glasgow spot.

The team behind Candleriggs Square and Fish Plaice will be in charge of this entire project as they look to replicate the success of their previous food and drink ventures. Nestled between Bell Street and Argyle Street, Tontine Lane is surrounded by high-rise buildings and is framed by the traditional brickwork that's come to be associated with sprawling industrial centres. Seen by many as the perfect location for a lively pop-up market, a number of different attractions will be on display here during the festival.

As part of the renovation project, the iconic Tontine Garage will receive facelift before being be reopened as a sleek, trendy metropolitan bar serving a range of delicious Summer cocktails and delectable spirits. The market itself will boast a Belgium Beer café, a number of Scottish Street food stalls, an open-roof cinema, a range of intriguing art installations and an elevated stage on which Glasgow's best up-and-coming bands and DJs will be performing. 

Overlooking the entire market will be Douglas Gordon's 'Empire' sign. The Turner Prize winner's sign will illuminate the entire area and sits comfortably in this area surrounded by industrial buildings and factories, given its 1960s Steel Town feel. The latest addition to the already well-establish Merchant City Festival, hordes of Glaswegians and art lovers will definitely flock in their droves to the cities newest, urban attraction.

Merchant City Festival will be taking place this Summer from the 25th July to 2nd August 2015.