We were, like everyone else in the city, really shocked and saddened on Friday night to hear about the tragedy at The Clutha. Our thoughts and condolences are with everyone who was at The Clutha pub, the crew of the police helicopter, and of course, the friends and family of all those involved. 

The Clyde River Glasgow

By all reports it seems the people of Glasgow came together on Friday night in heroic fashion, abandoning their own nights out to come to the pub, and bravely form a human chain to pull people out. 

There will be further opportunity to help the victims of crash, as Glasgow City Council have announced plans to set up a public fund for donations, and local actor Colin McCredie has set plans into motion for a benefit gig. We'll bring you details of both, as soon as we get them - and in the meantime, we hope for a swift recovery for those still in hospital.