That bonkers chef is back in the kitchen at Bloc

Last updated . By Isabella Wardynska.

Mad Chef Glasgow

Sit tight for this blokes' latest residency at Bar Bloc.

He's barmy, he's mental but most of all, he's a craic in the kitchen. The Mad Chef makes his new home at Bloc in Glasgow. After closing for renovations, the Bloc team are back open for business with this geezer behind their menu. From the man that has brought us some of the most lude food events in Glasgow, the Mad Chef (for those who don't know) is best known for his 'Burgers and Beats' attitude towards cooking. 

This time around, sources close to the Mad Chef (namely his facebook page) tell us his latest culinary expedition will be taking on the flavours of 'Brazil, Cuba and Mexico with a twist'. Big lovin' on the Latino there - we salute you. He's got a kitchen of shiny new toys to play with and a fresh outlook on food. Bring it on Bloc x Mad Chef.