Sloan's may be a 200 (and a bit) year old bar in Glasgow, but that doesn't mean this City Centre institution is resting on its laurels. Following the ever-growing truck food craze in Glasgow (and acknowledging the fact that such food trunks are still currently not allowed in the city) the bar has just launched its spanking new Street Food menu. Sloans will feeding the cravings of the street grub-loving masses, with such delights as The Cowboy, fries topped with wings, ribs, blue cheese dressing and hot sauce or The Gringo, beef chilli, cheese and jalapenos on a bed of fries. 

Made for sharing, The Cowboy is a carnivores delight with ribs, wings, dressing and hot sauce. 

With quite a different take on street food of the many burger purveyors elsewhere in the city, Sloans are embracing other niche food trends than pulled pork or brisket sliders. Mac & Cheese is another in vogue eat and Sloans is already home to lovers of the American comfort food in Glasgow, with its regular SMAC sessions (that's Scottish Macaroni Appreciation Club to you and me), a night of gourmet dishes for discerning mac fans. Now the new Street Food menu will cater to the mac-mad the rest of the month, with an extra cheesey dish laced with bacon or topped with onion rings and salsa. 

The Mac Daddy, with onion rings, salsa, extra cheesy mac on a bed of fries. 

Elsewhere on the menu, street platters include The Soprano, an ode to Italian flavours, with cured salami, cheese and olives, or The Stravos, with samplings of hummus, falafel, feta or sausage.  Hungry yet? Yeah, me too.  

Sloans' new menu with attract the burgeoning cluster of street foodies in Glasgow.

The new menu is available until 10pm every day, outside and in the bar area, with all dishes made for two, and costing £9.95. So if you want you're street food fix, and simply can't wait for the council to embrace the craze, get yourself to Sloans, where al fresco eats have a gourmet finish.