They're creepy and they're kooky... they're also a remarkable source of zinc, protein, calcium and iron. What would you say if we told you that for one day only, you could sample the delicacies of some of the creepiest of crawlies around town?

Rentokil Pestaurant Glasgow

Fancy a helping of salt and vinegar crickets of a hearty pigeon burger?

Whilst the prospect of chowing down on pigeon burgers, scorpion lollipops, BBQ-ed meal worms and salt and vinegar flavoured crickets might not sound appealing to the majority, pest killing pros Rentokil are on a mission to smash this hesitance to explore new things. 

Having toured the world for over a year, their infamous pop-up Pestaurant serves up a hearty offering of Mexican spice mealworms, plain roasted locusts, scorpion lollipops, chocolate covered bugs as well as pigeon burgers to the good people of Glasgow, with a view to propound the nutritional properties of these creepy crawlies. Did you know that crickets contain four times as much protein as chicken?

The Rentokil Pop-Up Pestaurant opens on Wednesday 27th August between 11am and 3pm, at the Donald Dewar Statue in front of the Royal Concert Hall on Buchanan Street.