Section 33 - Pop Up Guerrilla Dining in Govanhill Baths

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Section 33 Glasgow Pop Up

Section 33 offers a new take on gastronomy, and pioneers the guerrilla dining scene in Glasgow.

The guerrilla dining movement has taken Glasgow's gastronomical scene by storm - well, what would you say to an affordable alternative to eating out as we have come to know it? Cue then, Section 33.

Pioneering the underground pop up scene in Glasgow, these guys offer an experience about as 'dark and subversive' as they come: they occupy a fashionable, disused space to introduce their new dining concept to the hungry folk of Glasgow. They are all set to take over Govanhill Baths, filling a space that would normally be filled with water with expertly crafted dishes served at £6 a pop. The location means that fewer pennies are spent on overhead venue costs, a saving is given back to the customer. 

Chris Gibson and Kyle Steel combine their expertise as a Rosetta Award winning chef and highly accredited operations manager respectively, to deliver locally sourced, top quality cuisine as a cheaper alternative to traditional restaurant eating. They've been developing recipes for months, with a view to transform commonly used cuts of meat and produce into spectacular and flavourful dishes. 

Section 33 pops up in Govanhill Baths from Friday 3rd October through to the evening of Sunday 5th October. If it's spectacular street food, crafty cocktails, live music and a killer atmosphere that you're hungry mitts are after, reserve a spot online for £5 per person - then, arrive and order as little or as much from the a la carte menu as you wish! Delightful!