Salvaged 737 lands at Glasgow's 'The Experience' centre for cool new concept

Last updated . By Isabella Wardynska.

Aeroplane Restaurant at The Experience

Aeroplane cleared to take off as entertainment complex.

Like something from an episode of Scraphead Challenge, the front of a plane is set to become a wholly unique dining and events hub.

Leading the market in upcycling aviation, The Experience at Hillington Park have salvaged something a little out of the ordinary to make the setting for their new restaurant space. 

Having rescued a retired Boeing 737 aircraft from it's world service, the Glasgow park famed for entertainment and adventures nabbed the plane to give it a new lease of life as a restaurant. The concept seems to be really taking off (had to) with the nose to cabin portion of the aircraft being installed to The Experience building where it will become a space for parties, dining, drinking and just hang(er)ing out in general.