When was the last time you wore a pair of roller skates? A decade ago? Maybe two? Well, it's time to get your skates on once again because Glasgow-based group, RollerStop, are bringing some fun back to the city with regular roller discos at SWG3.

Yes, they're very cheesy but yes they're also great fun. Even Kate Middleton has been to one (granted, it was about five years ago), so no one is too posh to skate. They're popular with cool and quirky hen dos or friends looking for something a little different for a night out in Glasgow. The twice-weekly disco at SWG3 features a DJ, lots of funky coloured flashing lights and a fully stocked bar, so if you're feeling a bit self-conscious, you can have a drink or two to calm your nerves. Don't go crazy though; I can't imagine copious amounts of alcohol and roller skates are a great combination. 

Look snazzy in your neons and your sparkly rainbow roller skates at SWG3's Roller Disco

My friend and I happened to attend one of RollerStop's events a couple of months ago and although we felt rather silly at first, we were having too much fun whizzing about to care about how ridiculous we must have looked. It reminded me of school discos from back in the day - smoke machines and crazy lights - but with a much cooler vibe and needless to say, much better music. I brought my own skates but if you don't own any, you can hire a pair for the evening along with elbow pads and knee pads - very important - from the lovely RollerStop folk. Tickets are £8 including skate hire, or £5 if you're bringing your own skates. Dig out your finest neon attire and glow-sticks and you'll be set to dance (well, roll) the night away.  

Roll the night away to retro disco vibes at this fun night out in Glasgow. 

The disco ends at 11pm so if you're all fired up and ready to party into the small hours, swing by West End club The Sanctuary which is a short walk from SWG3. If you've done enough dancing (we won't blame you), The Finnieston and Lebowski's are just around the corner on Argyle Street so you can rest your weary legs and perhaps drink away the pain of any falls you've endured. You're guaranteed of a great laugh and you might just have a natural skating ability that you never knew about.