Fun new West End bar, Little Urban Achiever's Club may have only opened a couple of weeks ago, but it's already trying to shut punters up. The menu at the new bar has a dedicated hot dog section, and wants its bravest (or battiest) customers to survive a dog coated in the bar's very own Shut Up Juice. The dog sauce contains red scorpian and naga chillis as well as "biohazard 9 million" Scoville chilli extract. Yep, it's hawt. The daring diner, must do this in ten minutes and also chow down on bowl of chips, oh and survive the five minute after-burn without taking a drink as well. Nutters. 

Winners get a free sundae as well as the hot dog on the house. Many have tried, and so far, only four spice-survivors have managed to win the challenge. 

Do you think you could polish off LUAC's Shut Up challenge? We're mostly just enjoying the pics!