Located on Glasgow's Bath Street, Lost Cause Liquor Store lands to deliver a heady dose of hard liquor, crafty beverages and street food in time for the Commonwealth Games. 

Pop Up Bath Street Lost Cause Liquor Store Glasgow

Visitors can look forward to local and internationally sourced craft beers, an impressive cocktail menu, evolving street food vendors and hard liquor. Lost Cause Liquor Store is launching on Thursday 10th July, and will host DJs Josh Barr (Stay Fresh) and Ray Vose (Octaves); La Cocina De Calle is on hand to serve up Mexican chow and Tequila Perfect Serves are all set to keep you thirsty little rabbits suitably quenched. 

Lost Cause Liquor Store showcases a fine selection of flavours from across the world, spiking modern cocktails with exotic spices to create unusual blends: how about a Calimocho (red wine and Coca Cola), or a sweet cocktail flavoured with chili and hibiscus? 

Pop Up Bath Street's Lost Cause Liquor Store launches on Thursday 10th July, 7pm to 1am, and will stay open for the next ten weeks.