We know Glasgow nightlife kicks ass. So we know we're kind of preaching to the choir. But Glasgow nightlife is now, officially, the best student nightlife in the country. A recent survey by consumer site, Which? has revealed that students think the North is where it's at in the nightlife stakes. Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle were all cited among the best, but Glasgow was the only city where more than one uni came out on top, boasting the best student social life.

The o2 ABC is just one go-to for Glasgow's student party posse. 

Which? University quoted, a third year Strathclyde engineering student as saying, "(The) nightlife is very good as there are a lot of different pubs and clubs that suit different tastes, and all in a good location, so there is everything you need on your doorstep." Glasgow Caledonian was also selected as one of the best universities for nightlife, while University of Glasgow, was credited for performing well in all areas of the survey, which also covered, sports, creativity, politics and students' unions. 

With its kicking student club nights, killer drinks promos, friendly staff, fun bars, and cracking DJs, it's little wonder Glasgow's students were waxing lyrical about the merits of the city's nightlife. We've always known Glasgow rocks. We're just glad it's official!