What could be more compelling than the opportunity to decorate a whole host of white-clad thrill seekers with flecks of powdered colour? Probably not a lot. HOLI One Colour Festival lands in Glasgow to deliver a multi-coloured mess of organised chaos, along with a whole host of big name DJs and remarkable live performances.

Holi Fesitval injects a much needed dose of colour into the Glasgow's winter worn spirits. 

Inspired by the original Holi festival in India, hundreds upon hundreds flock together to form a collective blank canvas, ready to become awash with colour as brightly powder is thrown into the air, decorating white-clad Glaswegians with a vast spectrum of colour - quite the spectacle! The most remarkable dance and performance artists are paired with a line up of the freshest and most impressive DJs to provide further sensory stimulation; there is no doubt that will be an event of incredible vibrancy and energy.

HOLI takes place on 23rd August 2014 at Victoria Park.