Heverlee beer, belgian beer, tontine lane, merchant cityWith great liver performances, fantastic food and irresistible beer, there's nothing dull about this Summer pop-up.

The talented team behind Heverlee Beer transform Glasgow's industrial Tontine Lane into a bustling Belgian Café for a two week celebration of all things beer related.

Tontine Lane in Merchant City was chosen as the spot for this illustrious pop-up. The goal of this event is clear. It hopes to transport guests away from the harsh, mechanical setting of a former loading bay to the enchanting, cobbled streets of Europe's beer capital, Leuven.

With Douglas Gordon's Turner Award winning 'Empire' sign overlooking the entire pop-up, guests can sample some of the world's finest hop-based treats. Alongside Heverlee's original Pils Lager, the main attraction will the Heverlee Witte, a wheat based mixture created especially for this enthralling Summer event by the expert team back in Leuven.

But the fun doesn't stop with a pint of beer. The entire, two-week extravaganza will be framed by fantastic entertainment, delectable dishes and the a number of taster courses for Glasgow's more curious beer connoisseurs. DJ sets have been scheduled to maintain the laid-back vibes of this metropolitan celebration, and the many beer workshops and live art session delivered by urban artist DZIA will showcase the finest features of Leuven's ever-expanding cultural bubble.

In-between swigs of glorious beer, be sure to try some of the delectable food on offer. Culinary mastermind Wim Dejonghe has produced a menu full of traditional dishes. Making appearances throughout the two weeks, Glasgow's Summer dwellers can join the experienced chef for a beer pairing session, where they'll learn all about how different brews hijack the mouth's palate and enhance the flavours of an array of traditional, Flemish dishes.

The team at Heverlee know what it takes to produce a great street pop-up. This combination of exquisite food, fantastic entertainment and glorious beer will almost certainly be a highlight of Glasgow's busy Summer.

Heverlee Beer's Belgian Café pop-up will be open from the 17th July to the 2nd August.