Go WEST, life is peaceful there... 

The Village People have been telling us for years - but who knew they were so into their bespoke brews?

Pop Up West Brewery Glasgow

Go WEST, where the beer is good...

Our pals over at West Brewery have done what they've been planning for years, launching a sparky new West End venue: as of 4pm on Friday 25th July, they'll be launching their new bar 160 Woodlands Road (previously trading as The Halt). After years spent switching between management and something of a neglectful attitude towards its upkeep, WEST have decided to take over and it a little LOVE: they've acquired a significant budget and sourced the best designers, architects and tradesmen in Glasgow to ensure the venue meets it full potential. 

To the excitement of fans of the crafty beverage, the launch of Pop Up West will coincide with the dispensing of the first keg of WEST Woodlands Road, a Munich Red lager matured in a Skallywag whisky cask. 

Pop Up WEST lands at 160 Woodlands Road, Glasgow at 4pm on Friday 25th July 2014. The Pop Up will remain open for twelve weeks.