Self confessed bonkers burger enthusiast and Bar Bloc chef fuses street food and clubbing at this off piste monthly pop up. Slapping up the patties and mixing the tunes, Mad Chef Danny McLaren lends some bizarre energy to proceedings to get people scoffing and shimmying with gusto. Recent developer of the 'Pot Head' pot noodle burger, you can be sure that Mad Chef won't be sticking to traditional flavour pairings or giving good taste due attention. 

Go totally patty at this beefed up event, complete with street food delights and great beats aplenty. 

Mini Bar's stylish and slightly wacky interiors lend themselves to the left-of-centre persona of the event. Part diner and part grotto, garish yellow and red clashes with stonework and low lighting. Bring on the beats, the burgers and the bizarre. 

The first episode will be New York inspired, which is sure to go out with a bang and a bagel; and with this attitude, every month's offering is set to be just as inviting. Focusing on creating a really warm social gathering, conversation point food is a must; and Mad Chef never fails to come up with the goods. What will he come up with this time?

Mad Chef Audio Beef pop-up is on 19th February at Mini Bar and tickets come on sale on 1st january.