While it might not quite be at Buckfast proportions, Glasgow does have something of a thing for White Russians. So with LebowskiFest kicking off tonight in The Flying Duck we thought it only right to celebrate the Dude's drink this Friday morning. 

Lots of Glasgow bars know how to do this drink justice, and some even add their own spin on the classic. Cocktail & Burger make it the perfect boozy milkshake accompaniment to burgers and fries. Nice n Sleazy do a great classic version as well as few quirky variations, like The Castro, The Commie and The Marky Mark. The Butchershop Bar and Grill have been known to lay on White Russian specials, with a creamy vanilla and butterscotch variation making the menu over the festive season. For a truly dapper drink, head to piano cocktail lounge, Blue Dog, for their ode, The Dude, with a sweet twist of vanilla vodka and chocolate bitters, as they call it, "A White Russian but extra sexy". Revolution Bar's Russian Bride adds a delicious hint of caramel liquor and vanilla to the classic. But of course, the most famous White Russians in town are served up at Lebowski's, where a selection of no less than 26 variations of White Russians make up a vodka-soaked tribute to The Dude. Aside from the chocolate-garnished classic, our favourites among the list at the Argyle Street bar include, The Jackie TreeHorn with Bolivian cocoa leaf liqueur, The Saddam with cola and Guinness and The Toe with mint and chocolate. 

So now that we have you well and truly craving a White Russian in all its boozy glory,  if you simply can't wait 'til you get down to one of these great Glasgow bars for a cocktail from the pros, here's the recipe to DIY a White Russian. 

  • 2 shots of vodka vodka
  • 2 shots of coffee liqueur
  • 1 shot of milk
  • 1 shot of double cream

Pour the booze over ice in a tumbler glass, then top up with the milk and cream, shaken together. 

(If you fancy a few extra calories, sub the milk for more cream to make it extra moreish.)

Don't forget to add your own twist, whether it's vanilla, orange, chocolate, mint, cola or eh, Irn Bru. Be sure to let us know what you add, and we'll try our own here at DMN HQ.