Now in its 20th year, Scotland's only professional LGBT arts festival, Glasgay, will run from the 9th of October until the 9th of November and is set to inject a bit of culture into the long, cold winter months. The events diary is pretty daunting to look at, so let us take you on a whirlwind tour of some of the best events and performances to check out. We wouldn't want you to miss out on something great, now would we?

There are plenty of stellar events lined up to celebrate 20 years of Glasgay.

The month-long festival has a packed schedule, so we'll start with the best clubbing picks, as you certainly have a few great nights to choose from. House legend Derrick Carter will be coming to the Sub Club on the 13th of October to kick things off at the aptly named Derrick Does Glasgay. Sub Club a bit too moody for you? Loud and raucous gay club AXM will be holding two club nights. The Party Monster Ball on the 26th of October is all about letting your hair down and anything goes on the dancefloor, where you can expect to hear a diverse range of music from Kate Bush to Rammstein to The Smiths. AXM's second night, on the 9th of November, is Glasgay's official closing party, so don't miss out on the festivities. Former RuPaul's Drag Race winner, Raja, will be taking to the stage with the support from the drag queens of London’s Starlight Revue drag show.

We fully expect Raja to come dressed in something as fabulous as this.

Fancy something a bit more laid-back and cultured? Well, you're in luck if you enjoy theatre, as Glasgay has plenty of cracking shows lined up. Not only a dance music venue, The Arches will be holding a performance by playwright Stef Smith from the 22nd to 26th of October. Inspired by real accounts of therapy, Cured follows the stories of four women in a play about love, sexuality and identity. The Arches is also the venue for The Worst of Scottee, an experimental theatre performance on the 31st of October, where Scottee attempts to find out where he went wrong in life. Finally, the Classic Grand will be showing The Gates: Love, Liberation and Respect, between the 23rd and 26th of October, which is a West Side Story meets Cabaret meets Chicago in a 1950s inspired musical. 

And that's not even scraping the surface. Keep your eyes peeled for more Glasgay events as the month of magic unfolds. Glasgay has got everything covered from loud, drag queen inspired club nights to small and intimate performances, so you're certain to find something you'll love.