We know what you're thinking - you've read our Freshers' Week guide to Glasgow nightlife and you want more. Glasgow has plenty of student bars and clubs to choose from, but you want to know what events are going down too, right? Right. Here's the best Freshers' Week events - you really don't have an excuse for a "quiet night in". Sorry about that. Better stock up on some paracetamol...

As you'd probably expect from The Garage, they're geared up and ready to go for two weeks of partying and, eh, more partying. They'll be putting on every kind of themed night you could possibly think of. We don't quite know where to start, but here's a taster for you - a foam party, a Mardi Gras style carnival party, a beach party, a zoo party (horse masks, anyone?) and to top it all off, a freshers' flu party. Seriously. Well, if you're gonna suffer from the dreaded freshers' flu, why not do it in a club?

The Garage's full lineup. That's a lot of events.

Glasgow's quirkiest themed bar, Flat 0/1, will be holding a week's worth of events 'round their gaff. Don't want to get your shiny new halls or flat messed up but fancy a flat party? Do it here. The fun kicks off with a Milk Freshers' Special and continues through the week with DJ sets and gigs from I Hate Fun, Boogaloo vs Tremors, Chungo Bungo and Bopgun. A must for Glasgow's cool indie kids.

We're a bit exhausted looking at The Garage and Flat 0/1's Freshers' Week events and there's still plenty more to get through. The 17th of September will see two of Glasgow's most popular clubs go head to head. Bamboo will be launching a new indie night, Wild Kids, and super glam Merchant City club Sugar Cube will be kicking off a new student night, Projekt. We do love a good rivalry. New bar and club Kokomo will open its doors on the 21st of September and if you're looking for a classier night out, look no further. Head to Kokomo on a Thursday for Party Monster and see what they have to offer. 

Crowdsurfing is optional.

Not really into pop and indie tunes and looking for something a bit cooler? The Arches will be showcasing their new student night, ShangriLa on the 18th of September, with house/techno producer Jackmaster providing the soundtrack. Nice 'n' Sleazy will be taking part in the freshers' fun too. Organised by Vice magazine, one-off night You Need To Hear This will be taking place a little later on in the freshers' calendar, on the 4th of October. Blinkin' hipsters.

We think that just about sums up what's going on in Glasgow for Freshers' Week, but keep an eye on our list of freshers' parties which is constantly being updated with the best parties as we hear about them. Now for your next task - pick a party (or five) and have a great one!