Freshers' Guide to Glasgow Nightlife

Last updated . By Natasha Walker.

So you're starting uni in Glasgow. Go you! Not only are you a massive smartypants for getting into some great universities, but you've also picked a city with some of the best nightlife in the UK. We know, it's daunting, figuring out the best bars, the top clubs and the coolest student nights. You might be a bit apprehensive to venture beyond you student union during Freshers' Week, but that's where we step in. We've put together a guide of the best of Glasgow nightlife for students. So whether you're living in halls or off-campus, getting your creative on in the Art School, or knee-deep in Economics at Strathclyde, start student life as you mean to go on and be the in-the-know Fresher who everyone wants to be mates with. 

Presenting the DesignMyNight crash course on student bars in Glasgow, area by area... 

Sauchiehall Street Area

Sauchiehall Street is one of Glasgow's busiest nightlife spots, so you're sure to find a cheap and fun student night out 'round this side of town. The Garage is a rite of passage for all freshers and you'll probably end up here a lot over the next four years. Campus is a popular place for cheap pre-drinks - we suggest you check out their half yard cocktail. Deadly. ABC hold two big student nights - Jellybaby for chart and R&B tunes on a Thursday and Propaganda for all the best indie rock on a Friday. If you're not into commercial pop and prefer somewhere a bit more low key, Nice 'n' Sleazy is ideal for cool kids and art students in Glasgow.

See? This is what Glasgow nightlife is all about.

Argyle Street Area

Argyle Street isn't as much of a studenty area as Sauchiehall Street, but there are still some great bars and clubs here that aren't to be missed. The Cathouse is a must for rock and metal fans, with cheap drinks and free entry for students making this place even more appealing. The Old Hairdressers is a cool, laid-back venue that's popular with students looking to escape loud and brash bars nearby. Finally, they may not be typical student nightclubs, but if you're into your dance music, head to The Arches and the Sub Club for some of the best dance music Glasgow has to offer.

West End

New University of Glasgow student? Not quite ready to venture into the busy City Centre? No problem! The West End has plenty of student bars and clubs. New bar Little Urban Achievers Club (or LUAC for short) is a cool hangout and is right next to Viper, the most popular student nightclub in the West End. How's that for convenience? At the bottom of Byres Road we have Faktory, which is the ideal destination for a cheap post-lecture drinks or for watching the football. You'll need to visit the famous Ashton Lane at least once, so may we suggest Vodka Wodka for discounted cocktails during the week - you're supposed to be on a budget here!

You'll probably get to know this place pretty well. Introducing Ashton Lane. 

Merchant City

The Merchant City is a bit more expensive, but it doesn't have to be if you know where to go. 13th Note is a must for live music enthusiasts looking to spot the next big thing. The Ark is right next to Strathclyde University's campus, so this student bar is the place to be for cheap drinks. The Shimmy Club is a bit infamous (we'll let you find out why), but remains popular with students thanks to heavily discounted entry and great drinks promotions. Finally, glamourous club Sugar Cube holds one of the busiest student nights in the Merchant City.

That concludes our whirlwind tour of the best student spots in Glasgow. Now all that's left is for you to go check them out and see what Glasgow's nightlife is all about! Just don't forget that you're at university to learn, who are we kidding?