Glasgow's infamous licencing laws are set for a bit of an overhaul, bringing them closer in line with Edinburgh. The Herald has reported that pubs in Glasgow City Centre will be allowed to open an hour later, until 1am, allowing chilled out drinkers to linger on in the pub, rather than having to choose between heading home or hitting a club.

The extension will be available to some 225 pubs in the City Centre and Merchant City, while nightclubs in the suburbs will also be permitted to open one our later in order to encourage custom in areas outside of the main hub. The extra hour will be implemented by the end of the year (in time for Hogmanay!) though it's not known how many venues will take the council up on their offer. 

Over 200 pubs in Glasgow will be allowed to extend nights out by an extra hour until 1am. 

Another exciting licencing change for budding bar entrepreneurs, will see seven "over-provision zones" in Glasgow scrapped. These areas were previously said to be over populated with bars, but the change could see restrictions lifted, and potentially some new bars opening, particularly in the East End and South Side. Still under examination is a proposal to relax the 10pm cutoff for being outside bars with drinks, a particularly contentious issue among the city's smokers. Meanwhile on the tightening end of things, casino bars and bars with entertainment, will be monitored more closely to ensure they're keeping in line with regulations. As will early bars, the traditional hangout of shift-workers, who are only allowed open from 8am as long as they serve alcohol with food. 

It's hoped that these new laws will help to curb binge drinking, improve business, increase sociability and bring the renowned Glasgow nightlife in line with other cities' opening hours. So what to you reckon, will you be availing of the extra hour down the pub?