DMN's Food Edit: Top 5 Spring Dishes in Glasgow

Added on . By Julianne Spingler.

Ah, spring. The world gets a little brighter, the days get longer, and you get a little bit more worried about the indulgent, hibernation period of winter. Fear not, going lighter, leaner, and greener in your diet turns out to be quite easy in a city like Glasgow. With a wide selection of fresh, in-season ingredients and flavours, and some top food vendors serving them up deliciously, the transition to spring has never been so smooth.


Chargrilled Asparagus @ Restaurant Bar & Grill

A little known fact to sink your teeth into: asparagus is one of the leading produce selections of spring. In other words, it switches from sweats to eveningwear come March, and for this major upgrade, it deserves a little bit of your love. One of the best ways to enjoy? For £7.50 at Glasgow's Restaurant Bar & Grill, with a delightfully runny, poached egg and decadent, creamy hollandaise sauce. Consider this meal the perfect fuel for a long springtime stroll, weather permitting of course.

Of course it's healthy--it's green!

Glasgow's Best Chips @ 13th Note Café

A vegan and vegetarian restaurant is responsible for the city's best chips--two years running. Now don't let this fun fact send you into cardiac arrest, considering there's only so much that the 13th Note's healthy grub can do for you once that happens. Instead, take that extra £2.90 and go and try some of the rosemary and pink Himalayan salt-shaken bad boys, given that it's spring, and it's time to spice up the same old anyway.

Potatoes are vegetables. It's settled.

Phad Thai Gai @ Thaikhun

No need for a carb overload if you've got a craving for noodles . Trade the tortellini for rice noodles, chicken, and prawns with some Phad Thai at Glasgow's go-to for authentic Asian cuisine, Thaikhun. Thaikhun's take on the quintessential Thai oldie-but-goodie is only £11 and bursting with veggie and protein goodness to keep you moving, plus its citrusy spice will awaken that winter palate just in time for spring.

Perfect for clearing those sinuses!

Aubergine Steak @ Smoak BBQ

While it may come off as totally crazy to order aubergine at an American BBQ joint, Smoak, but hear us out. This £8.95 chargrilled beauty is chocked full of that smokey, sweet comfort usually saved for big hunks of meat on the grill, but unlike its carnivorous counterpart, it will leave the gut-busting food hangover for someone else.

Don't let the haters tell you that it's not a real steak.

Any Given Cupcake @ Cup Tea Lounge

Fresh air is best enjoyed with a nice cup of tea, and a cute dessert to boot. At Cup Tea Lounge, you're in for a true springtime delight with their large variety of lick-your-fingers-good, almost-too-pretty-to-eat cupcakes. Whether feeling light and fruity, or dark and decadent, there is a cupcake for you, and at a mere £2.65 at that. I mean, you made it through the winter, so you deserve to treat yourself, right?

Look at those lil' marshmallows!