Craft Beer Rising Drygate Glasgow

I see a Craft Beer Rising... I see trouble on its way.

There can be no doubt that Glasgow has well and truly encountered the craft beer revolution that has swept our fair isle. The time has come then, to step this crafty business up a notch and drown ourselves in a pool independent brews at one of Glasgow's most talked about breweries.

From the 19th September to the 21st September, Craft Beer Rising lands at Glasgow's Drygate to deliver one of the most impressive craft beer spreads in recent history. They're welcoming two hundred beers from over forty breweries, including Tempest Brew Co., Siren, Beavertown, Thistly Cross Cider, Pilot Brew Co. and Harbour. There will also be a hearty street food offering, an impressive line up of live music performance and a mighty roster of talks and live brewing sessions. 

This is the first time Craft Beer Rising has spread its wings from its birthplace in London: founders Daniel Rowntree and Chris Bayliss see Craft Beer Rising as a "culturally awesome" beer festival, and acknowledge this mutual appreciation in their pals over at Drygate. The discovery and adventure that comes part and parcel with craft beer can be shared by one and all at Craft Beer Rising - what they envision is an utterly immersive journey through craft beer.

If that weren't enough to whet your whistle, those lovely fellows over at KILTR will be ensuring the party atmosphere lingers throughout the weekend - look forward to a carefully curated line up, with electro funk DJ Greig Wilson delivering a sweet headline slot. 

Craft Beer Rising runs at Drygate from 19th to 21st September 2014. Tickets are £20 each, and include entry, £5 worth of drinks tokens and a free beer glass.