Summer babes, BBQ boys and festival fiends across Scotland have finally got something to be happy about. The weather is still as dire as ever, but at least we've got a new tipple in tow: welcome, Buckfast in a can

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This tasty elixir is produced by a community of Benedictine monks in Devon.

The summer months will welcome 16,000 limited edition Buckfast cans to the off licence circuit, each sold in a 250ml measure for £2.90 a pop. If the initial run is successful, we could see the sparky new tins sitting alongside the traditional 750cl glass bottles, which retail for over £7. Benedictine monks hope that these fellas will be a hit with BBQ goers during the summer - what better to bring along to a cook out than a cheeky tin of your favourite tonic wine? Plus, it will definitely solve the age-old problem of bringing a bot'tla-Bucky to a festival, where glass is often prohibited. 

After suggestions that glass bottles have been linked with anti-social behaviour and violence, Buckfast's distribution company J. Chandler have been under increased pressure to move away from the traditional bottling methods and embrace the charms of a plastic bottle. The decision to sell Buckfast in a can came in part, as a result of Chandler's close work with Michelin starred chef, Martin Blunos, who has been cooking up a right ol' storm with 25ml measures of the highly caffeinated tonic wine. It is hoped that offering customers the choice to enjoy the infamous 'Commotion Potion' in smaller measures, will help keep binge drinking and anti-social behaviour under control. 

How will these naughty little tipples fare? We're intrigued to say the least.