Set to take off on Friday 3rd April 2015, this ice bar is going to put the brrr in brilliant. In the middle of construction, the venue is going to be situated at Snow Factor Braehead, beside the main 170m snow slope. Alcohol, skis and a big hill... what's the worst that could happen?

Baltic Ice Bar opening soon in Glasgow

The ice bar under construction.

With temperatures at -5 degrees Celsius, coats are handed out at the door but be warned - wrap up warm and bring your gloves, it's gonna get a wee bit chilly. In true Inuit style, the walls, the ceiling, the bar tops, even the glasses, will be made out of - you guessed it - ice. Serving the best in cold beers and refreshing beverages, this bar will get you feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside (which may become confusing). Cocktails are £6-7 and include all your old classics, as well as a few innovative takes on the old models. If you're looking for a faster, more effective alcohol jacket, start on the shots at £3.50 each and get your blood pumping faster.

As with all ice bars, don't be spending too long in this giant fridge. Guests are welcome for a 45 minute stay before they have to head on out and warm themselves back up. This venue is just 10 minutes from Glasgow's City Centre so pop in for a cheeky chill out, cool down after a stressful day, have an ice time with your mates, be a freeze spirit (okay I'll stop now...) 

Bookings are available from 9th March and the bar is due to open on 3rd April, so get your winter wardrobe ready and prepare for a cool experience.