Are you brave enough to try Lebowskis West's Scotch pie burger?

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

Oyster Burger at Lebowskis West

Scotch pies in a burger, what's next... No seriously, what else is there to put in burgers?

Recently, the ‘deep fried Mars bar’ has started to look a bit quaint. With Freakshakes, a bar exclusively serving avocado, and pizzas as long as my list of life regrets, a chocolate bar in batter looks more like something your Granny would make than a quirky Scottish delicacy. But not to be outdone by this decade’s ridiculous food trends, Lebowskis West has told everyone to "hold their beer" and introduced The Glasgow Oyster – a beef burger with a Scotch pie in the middle.

So what’s in this biggest of bad boys? Said to 'take the local staple to the next level, they've put two juicy beef burgers between those dreamy buns and slavered them in melted mature cheddar. Drip a bit of beef gravy all over it… and then in the middle add the piece de resistance, a Scotch pie. And if you think you’re brave enough, all you have to do is go to Lebowskis. Just consult your cardiologist first.

You can get the Oyster Burger at Lebowskis West, 1007 Argyle Street, G3 8LX.