Lovers of all things crafty, the fellas over at Munro's have lined up one helluva treat over the next couple of weeks. As if their craft and cask ale offering wasn't impressive enough already, they're showcasing the hop-py delights of Scotland's master brewers for a little over two weeks. 

Munro's Scottish Beer Festival

Fans of the ale can look forward to sampling beers from various breweries across Scotland: that'll be Stewart Brewing, Williams Brothers, Houston, Loch Lomond and Eden Brewery if you please. As if the whole occasion wasn't sweet enough already, pints are being poured at the ever reasonable price of £2.75 a pint - sounds darn delicious if you ask us. 

Munro's hosts the Scottish Beer Festival between 24th April and 11th May 2014; Munro's can be found at 185 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G4 9EB.