A Gin Drive-Thru Now Exists And It's Solving All Your Social Distancing Problems

Published . By Isobel Watkins.

Eden Mill Gin Drive Thru

Proceed to the next window for your ice and a slice.

Sure, there’s drive-thru fast food lanes, latte lanes, and even drive-thru wedding chapels (in Vegas, obviously), but never before have we seen a drive-thru gin lane… that is, until now.

The masterstroke of Eden Mill Gin, this in-gin-ious new idea is offering thirsty Scots the chance to stock up on all their essential Friday night supplies without even leaving the comfort of their car. Located in the village of Guardbridge, just north of St Andrews, the click and collect service stocks everything from tinned cocktails to infused-gins and even bottles of locally-brewed beer. 

Taking social distancing to the next level, customers will have to pre-order online, before driving up to the counter and having their order passed to them via the window. And for those that don’t live close enough to get a slice of the action? There’ll also be a series of virtual gin masterclasses, streamed direct to your living room - with a special courier service of 12 gins and liqueurs arriving beforehand for you to sample.

We reckon this could be just the tonic to these tough times.

The Eden Gin Drive Thru is open between 10am and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. It can be found at Eden Mill, Main Street (KY16 0US).