A Game of Thrones pop-up bar: Blood and Wine set to make heads roll in Edinburgh

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

You know nothing, Jon Snow, until you've been to a Game of Thrones pop-up in Edinburgh

Winter has well and truly arrived, so what better way to face the cold than step into Game Of Thrones pop-up bar Blood & Wine in Edinburgh. The bar, found in the cellar below Daylight Robbery bar on Dublin Street, will be opening in the new year to celebrate 2017 the same way Tyrion Lannister would: with lots of wine.

The alcohol all takes inspiration from the show and books - so best get studying and remember your Dornish wine from your Riverland Mead. And if anyone comes near you with a suspicious purple stone, take a lesson from Joffrey Baratheon and keep them away from your drinks. The bar, which is set to get the medieval make over, is being run by The Pop Up Geeks, who are planning even more wacky pop-up ideas, including The Walking Dead and Stranger Things. So if you're into nerd culture and booze, it's time to march on Westeros.

Blood & Wine will be found on 26B Dublin Street, Edinburgh and opens on 4th January, every Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm until the end of the month.