Student Bars in Glasgow

Glasgow is home to around 160,000 students, so you can bet the nightlife is a force to be reckoned with. From funky themed bars on Bath Street to cheap cocktails in the West End, there are numerous student bars to keep you young'uns watered. Just make sure the library and essays come first... ah, never mind, who are we kidding?

Bar Soba Byres Road

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Students do love noodles - nine pence value packs of noodles, anyone? But if your loan has just arrived and you're feeling particularly flush, head to Bar Soba for some proper Asian eats and tasty cocktails. This place not only has low prices across its menu but even offers a student discount.

Tingle Shooter Bar

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Shots, anyone? Tingle Bar has it covered. You probably guessed it from the name, but student bar Tingle specialises in all things that you can down in one. There's a lot more on offer than the standard tequila shots though, with fancy creations that taste sweet but are packed with booze.

Vodka Wodka

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Located just a stone's throw from the University of Glasgow, this Ashton Lane bar is popular with students looking for cut price cocktails after lectures. The conservatory is always full come summer time with a lovely beer garden for soaking up some sun while kicking back with a bev.

Hillhead Bookclub

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While everyone knows that Hillhead Bookclub is one of the hottest spots in Glasgow, not many know what they're all about. Whether you're hunkering down for an affordable dinner, enjoying a game of ping pong or trying out their drag bingo night, this place more than has something for everyone.