The Raven Glasgow Is Raven Mad For This Craft Beer & Meaty Opening
81-85 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 1LP
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

An exciting new restaurant bar to hit Renfield Street, The Raven is the much anticipated new opening in Glasgow from Maclay Inns. Opening to serve up a crafty mix of cask ales and slow 'n' low cooked meats, including chicken, ribs and pulled pork, The Raven will deliver the ultimate comfort in the form of meaty treats and tasty brews. Eleven widescreen TVs will ensure that patrons are in the know when it comes to the latest sports happenings. The Raven is a friendly and diverse space in Glasgow's City Centre, excelling in music, chatter, good food and bubbly brews.

What we say:

A smokin' hot new opening on Glasgow's Renfield Street, The Raven serves up a hearty combo of craft beers and slow cooked meats that'll have peckish patrons raven until the cows come home. Sup away on an impressive menu of crackin' crafty delights, with the likes of William Bros. Brewery, The Redchurch Brewery, Innis & Gunn, BrewDog and West Beer taking centre stage, alongside a solid menu of slow and low cooked chicken, ribs and pulled pork. The Raven Glasgow is all set to take Scotland's craft beer and grill scene by smokin' hot storm.