New bar spy - The Kelvin Bar

Simple science of beer and whiskey behind The Kelvin Bar's greatness

The Kelvin Bar

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What they say:

Dashes of 19th century debonair mixed with some modern day drinking favourites will make The Kelvin Bar an ultimate hangout amongst hipsters and hopheads alike. Featuring a solid line-up of self-branded beers and whiskies, along with a Victorian aesthetic charmingly reminiscent of Mr Kelvin himself, no science be needed to figure out why The Kelvin Bar will be the new place to be in Glasgow.

What we say:

Splendid in its simplicity and slightly sophisticated style, The Kelvin Bar will serve the same type of tipples that most likely fueled quite a few of those complicated, Kelvin theories. Don't feel any pressure to come up with your own though, as you can expect to spend hours sipping in total relaxation on a set of quality brews and other boozy baubles at this forthcoming haunt.