The Berkeley Suite - Glasgow Club Review

The Berkeley Suite is a cool, secret club just a few minutes walk from the main hub of Sauchiehall Street bars and club. But unlike it's counterparts nearby, The Berkeley Suite is more about the top DJs and epic tracks than the gimicky club nights and the drinks promos. 

The Venue

From the outside, the Berkeley Suite is neatly disguised as a old styley pawn shop. But one of the most open secrets in Glasgow is that what lies beneath is so much cooler than old pocket watches and broken TVs. A beautiful entrance room serves as a bar and chilled hangout from the rowdier club downstairs. Cute little seats fold out from plush padded booths and the whole place has a vaudeville vibe about it. Downstairs, the retro dancehall is as eerie as it is cool, dark red walls, old fashioned light fixings, and seats around the walls like a retro disco. 

Retro interiors that feel like you're in an old horror flick

Clientele & Atmosphere

The crowd at The Berkeley Suite is a discerning one. Seriously into their music and seriously into their dancing. The night we visited The Berkeley Suite was a banging Walk n Skank Thursday and the friendly party posse was dressed to jam. Low waists and lower crotches, caps, dreads and loose tees - who knew Glasgow had such a thriving and dedicated dub and reggae community? A mix of ages from 18, to a few in their 30s, made for a welcome twist to your average targeted club night in Glasgow. Almost every single person was getting down and dirty on the dancefloor to a fun blend of choons pumped out by an ever-swapping collection of DJs (Mungo’s Hi Fi & Chungo-Bungo leading the way) and MCs. A very fun vibe, even for newbies. 

The cool basement club at The Berkeley Suite. 

Food & Drink 

As a late night club, The Berkeley Suite doesn't offer grub but it does have a full bar of bevvies on offer at a reasonable price. Though going by the crowd at Walk 'n' Skank there was more a crowd on the dancefloor than at the bar. 


From its pawn shop exterior and vintage horror movie interior, to it's kicking club nights and cool crowds, The Berkeley Suite is a charmer of a club from start to finish. If you're looking for something different from your Glasgow clubbing experience, then The Berkeley Suite is most definitely worth checking out.