Lucky 7 Canteen - Glasgow Bar Review

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By Claire Byrne.

A haven of all things shabby yet chic in Glasgow City Centre, with some seriously good food and some seriously cheap prices, Lucky 7 Canteen is a fun, offbeat bar and restaurant on Bath Street.

The Venue:

Lucky 7 Canteen is freakin' cool. From the features that grab you when you walk in (peeling old floral wallpaper, cushions set into wooden booths, and built in log wall), to the things you only notice after a proper nosey (like the fact that the log wall actually has love heart-style messages written all over it) there's so many features to feast your eyes on, from the quirky and cute to the antique and awesome. A long bench in the centre makes for very sociable, well socialising, while the booths have such high backs they feel incredibly private. Other cute additions are that the water comes in a real, crystal decanter and even the napkins are like mini versions of your mum's tea towels. 

Love heart log wall at Lucky 7 Canteen Glasgow

A quirky love heart log wall at Lucky 7.

Atmosphere & Clientele:

Despite our early visit, there was still a bunch of people hanging out at Lucky 7. The crowd here seem to be a mix of in-the-know cool kids, twenty-something trendsters and young professionals looking for a fuss-free, but nonetheless cool venue to hang out. The barman was the perfect mix of surly meets social, with good banter and nice service. Tunes came as a blend of music from soul and funk to chilled out house mixes you'd expect to hear on a beach bar somewhere warm. The friendly folk, chilled tracks and cosy decor make for a toasty, comfortable hang out; the kind you're rather reluctant to leave. 

A long table for feeling social or a high backed booth for top secret chats

High-backed booths make for a private feel in the bustling bar.

Food & Drinks:

Lucky 7 Canteen does pitch itself as a restaurant first and with super cheap (and) super tasty grub, it's an absolute must visit for frugal food. Lunch options start at a fiver, while in keeping with the restaurant's name, you can have yourself a slap up dinner for £7.77. You can't go far wrong with a small but mighty menu, but if you're looking for pointers, the Cajun chicken, fish and chips and soup and sandwich specials are all delicious. Drinks come in the form of your usual spirits and cocktails, though Brew Dog beer is certainly of note as are some of Lucky 7's cracking cocktails - try the super sweet Treacle for a tipsy dessert. 

A quirky cement lamp and the crystal water decanter at Lucky 7 Canteen

Quirky touches like a plaster-cast lamp and a crystal decanter for a water jug


In case you hadn't guessed, my Lucky 7 Canteen conclusion is that it's a very good restaurant and a dang good bar. No fuss, lots of frills, good banter and great tunes, Lucky 7 is stylish without being try-hard. It does what it does well, while still feeling loy-key and laid back. A very cool bar and a cracking Bath Street hang out.