Flat 0/1 - Glasgow Bar Review

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By Claire Byrne.

Flat 0/1 is a den of coolness and quirkiness amid all the bustle of Bath Street in Glasgow, drawing in trendy students with cheap drinks and top tunes. 

The Venue

Flat 0/1 models itself on the perfect flat party (only without the nasty clean up the next day). The minute we stepped inside, we felt like we were in some sort of mis-matched student digs which the occupants had decorated with their gran's leftover furniture. From battered couches, to orange seventies kitchen cupboards along the bar and a smattering of retro knick knacks, this place is all kinds of kitsch. As we entered, Matilda was playing on a big screen, adding to the whimsical vibe of this cool student bar. 

From the drinks to the decor, Flat 0/1 is themed on one epic bedsit bash.

Clientele & Atmosphere

We visited Flat 0/1 early in the evening, so unfortunately missed out on the bar's infamous club nights. While the bar was quiet when we arrived, it began to fill up with indie kids while we were there. A chilled spot in the early evening for a drink, the staff here are incredibly friendly and it's a good spot for a lively drink where you can still carry a conversation. The music overhead was a fun blend of electro and indie which was spot on with the hipster vibes of the bar. 

Kitsch granny-esque accoutrements adorn the walls at this Bath Street bar. 

Food & Drink

While Flat 0/1 doesn't serve much in the way of edible refreshments (though rumour has it you can have eats from Lucky7 next door delivered), when it comes to the drinks, they're more than covered. Flat 0/1's drinks prices, are some of the lowest in town, with supermarket stubbie cans on sale for £1.50, and glasses of cider for as little as 75p. If bottom dollar drinks aren't your thing, a selection of beers are available by the bottle or on tap, as well as a small but mighty choice of spirits. The "Cockytails" menu contains such cocktail (and I use that term loosely) gems as, Lager and Lime and Calimocho (a personal fave, that's red wine and coke to the uninitiated) as well as more skilled creations like Caipiroska and Jerry's Raspberry Daiquiri. 

Flat 0/1 feels like you're on the set of a nineties British sitcom - Only Fools and Horses perhaps?


Flat 0/1 is a cool and quirky hangout in Glasgow. Perfect for a fun party night or chilled drinks with pals, Flat 0/1 is the ultimate destination for students and young professionals in Glasgow looking for something a little different from a bar.