Cup Tea Lounge - Glasgow Bar Review

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By Claire Byrne.

Cup Tea Lounge is a charming tearoom turned cocktail tavern in the heart of Glasgow City Centre, peddling baked goods, bubbly, and the occasional cup of tea.

Cup Tea Lounge

While Cup Tea Lounge has lots of individual cakes on offer, afternoon tea is what it's all about.  

The Venue

Cup Tea Lounge is rather pretty indeed. Authentically vintage, the walls are covered in pale Victorian style tiling, with arches, cornicing, chandeliers all adding to the grand feel of place befitting high tea and Champagne. Large windows to the bustling street outside let light pour in and give you a prime vantage for people watching while you sip cocktails or chow down on cupcakes.

Cup Tea Room Glasgow
Cup Tea Lounge is a beautiful and atmospheric setting with vintage features throughout. 

The Atmosphere & Clientele

Cup might be a regal-looking tea room but the atmosphere is less than sedate. The crowd here are a mix, while there's lots of ladies catching up, from pals to mothers and daughters, there's also larger groups of friends, sharing cake stands and clinking cocktails. As well as couples in for a quirky cakey date night. The place was bustling making it a lively spot for cream tea - though if you fancy something a little more refined for your afternoon tea, I've also been during the day (so I like cake okay) and there's a decidedly sophisticated feel.

Cup Tea Lounge

This is the delicious scene that awaits when you enter Cup Tea Lounge.

The Food & Drink

The food and drink at Cup Tea Lounge is all about the three Cs...Champagne, cocktails and cupcakes. From the minute you enter, you're greeted by an eye popping icing-clad rainbow of cake, each one as delicious as the next, try the Red Velvet, The Lemon Meringue Pie or the Winter Spice - heck try them all! Of course afternoon tea is this place's crowning glory with a savoury and sweet blend of crustless sandwiches, scones, brownies, cakes, tea brack and brownies. In the the drinks department, there is of course tea, but we're not in the business of talking about that.Cocktails include classics as well as a few local twists like the tart and tasty Highland Bramble, or a Cranachan Iced Tea served in a pot. A talking point is the literary/tea themed, Gorgeous Mr Grey. And of course there's everyone's favourite daytime tipple, bubbly - there's a wide variety of fizz by the glass as well as exquisite Champage cocktails. 

Cup Tea Lounge Renfield Street

Comfy sofas and chic surrounds Cup Tea Lounge is a chic spot to wile away an afternoon.


Cup Tea Lounge is as fun as it is fancy, a buzzing little tea room on a prime Renfield Street perch. A beautiful setting, with lovely staff, great cocktails, and most importantly, cake, this darling joint should be on every Glaswegian's to do list.