Teller's Bar and Brasserie in the Corinthian Club is a stunning Merchant City bar and casino; fabulous decor with an unpretentious demeanor. 

The Venue

They don't get much grander than this; when you walk into Tellers Bar at The Corinthian, "wow" seems like too small a word. A huge, beautiful, ornate dome that seems to reach for the heaven is the epicentre of this bar. The bar below is just as stunning. A line of purple thrown like chairs greet you when you walk in, like life-size Fabergé eggs dotted about the room. No expense is spared in decorating this utterly luxurious space, from ornate panels on the walls, to gold features, a marble bar and feature lighting. The only thing that lets this place down is the ill-designed gambling hall next door that seems more seaside arcade than Casino Royale.

The stunning dome at Teller's Bar and Brasserie

Reaching for the heavens; the epic dome in Teller's Bar @ The Corinthian Club.

Atmosphere & Clientele

The clientele at Tellers Bar are a lot more laid back than you might expect for a venue of this calibre. When we visited in the early evening there were clusters of shoppers in for some post-retail bevvies, and gaggles of after work drinkers quaffing wine and cocktails amid lively chatter. A lot more low-key than the suited, booted, short skirted posse you might expect for a bar this plush; perhaps they only come out after dark? 

Throne-like seating in Tellers bar and brasserie

Luxurious throne-like seating in the Corinthian Club. 

Food & Drinks

We didn't indulge in food there, though the bar menu did look good with snacks, shellfish, grilled mains and lighter bites. Drinks were as you'd guess from the surroundings, rather grand with a variety of Champagne cocktails looking particularly enticing - try the Lavender and Champagne, £8.95 - while classic cocktails include a few tasty twists like the Lemongrass Drop Martini or the Chilli and Passionfruit Caipirissima, both £5.95. 

The stunning decor at Tellers Bar

Teller's Bar boasts exceptional food and beautifully presented cocktails. 


While the surroundings are breathtaking and the drinks are good, there's just something missing at Tellers Bar. The venue harks back to a bygone era of dapper gents and glamourous dames quaffing martinis, yet unfortunately, it doesn't feel quite so fabulous in the flesh. Perhaps it's the old romantic in me, but perhaps this place might be better served if dinner jackets and cocktail dresses were the uniform de rigueur and a little old-time jazz was piped in from above. Though if you're looking for an impressive bar in Merchant City whether it's for a business dinner or a drinks date, you won't find finer surroundings for your Glasgow night out.