New bar spy - Super Bario

Glasgow set to get its first ever arcade bar. Introducing, Super Bario

Super Bario

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What they say:

Super Bario is an idea formed out of a simple love of a few things - good beer, good games and good times. Unfortunately, the only place to get a pint of beer and a game of Super Mario Bros with your buddy would be in your parents' basement... until Super Bario arrived! This arcade bar provides Glaswegians with a place to play all of the classics with a pint of the finest beer in hand. If you're not feeling alcoholic, grab one of their specially chosen American sodas or locally sourced coffee.

What we say:

Hop on a goomba's head and propel yourself towards the City Centre, Glaswegians... you're getting your first ever arcade bar! Super Bario is set to marry the two loves of my life - good games and good beer. This Shangri-La will play home to all of the classics from the retro, golden era of arcade gaming - we're talking Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Tekken 3 and PacMan - and there's plenty of awesome booze too! Whether you're here to take on your boys in a Mortal Kombat II tourney, team up with your Tinder date in the first world of Super Mario Bros, or to challenge the old man to a game of 'lowest score buys the next pint' on the Baywatch pinball machine, Super Bario is sure set a new high score in your heart.