Best Bars On Ashton Lane

Oh Ashton Lane. It's the picture postcard of our city's nightlife. The pretty fairy lights twinkling overhead, the quaint cobbles running down the lane, an entire street dedicated to eating, drinking and being merry. Nestled in the heart of Glasgow's West End, this bohemian hideaway is a treasure trove of great bars; this one little street has got it all. Here's our guide to all the greatness of Ashton Lane bars, all on one page. 

Last updated on 15th July 2021

Jinty McGuinty's

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Jinty's is the area's Irish bar of choice, with a mighty atmosphere and an impressive beer garden, with flowing pints of Guinness accompanied by lively music every night of the week. If you're looking for friendly faces and a bit of banter, this is the place to be.

Vodka Wodka

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Vodka Wodka is a fun cocktail bar with an extensive menu of cheap cocktails, making it a popular spot for students and young professionals alike. There's a big beer garden out back so locals flock here on sunny days, sipping concoctions in an unpretentious setting.  

The Gardener

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If you're looking for one of the best bars on Ashton Lane, you may have found it. From its charming terrace seating down to the botanical cocktail list and menu of delightfully fresh eats, there's no place in Glasgow quite like The Gardener.