Lebowskis - Glasgow Bar Review

Lebowskis a is one cool dude of a bar on Argyle Street, providing mean White Russians, monster burgers and mega banter to bad-ass Glaswegians.

Lebowskis Glasgow Bar

Lebowski's is a cool setting with lots of movie-themed adornments. 

The Venue

Themed on the big movie of the same name, Lebowskis is a cool diner-style hangout perched on a corner of Argyle Street. Booths line the walls and windows, with plenty of seating for groups to gather as well as lots of standing room for when the bar busies up at night. Nods to the namesake include bowling pins and movie pictures, while the general look of the bar is laid back and cool with brick walls and low hung lighting. 

Lebowskis Argyle Street

Lebowski's has plenty of seating for groups to gather in the bustling bar. 

The Atmosphere & Clientele

Lebowskis attracts a very fun crowd. A collected and chilled out bunch, the vibe here is cool without being try-hard or trendy. The bar is rather heavy on the bloke side (that'll be the meat) but draws a mixed group of punters, with a loyal fanbase of regulars. Bustling almost every night of the week, on the evening we visited we were lucky to get a seat. The bar staff here are second to none, and lead the way with the friendly, relaxed feel that this Glasgow bar is famed for. Music in the bar is a cool Lebowski-esque alt rock playlist, with lots of cracking tunes creeping in. Friendly, buzzy, and full of banter, this bar has a really unique feel to it. 

Lebowskis Glasgow

Lebowski's tear and share sliders are the perfect party foot for groups. 

The Food & Drink 

Of course, Lebowskis is cool and quirky, but really what sets this bar apart are the edibles and drinkibles. Perhaps most imfamous for it's White Russians, Lebowskis offers a plethora of variations on the Dude's drink. Among several we tried, the The Liam was a real highlight, with hazelnut liqueur, while the The Nirilist, with absinthe, offered perhaps, the most bang for your buck. When it comes to the eats, Lebowskis menu reads, go big or go home, with massive burgers, huge hot dogs, and super-sized sambos. Perfect for sharing, we went for tear and share slider boards, which came in a variety of meats (or veggie options) with tatties on the side. The ultimate side to a potent milky cocktail or an ice-cold Brooklyn beer. 

White Russian Glasgow

The Nihilist, one of the most potent White Russians, this one is laced with absinthe. 

The Summary 

Lebowskis is pretty dang cool, and it knows it. A gutsy, quirky, fun bar, with a cracking atmosphere, occasional oddball events, and some seriously monster grub, it's little wonder this effortlessly awesome diner bar, is one of the most popular hangouts for dudes (and dudettes) from Glasgow, and beyond.