New bar spy - Innis & Gunn at Argyle Street Arches

Innis & Gunn Opens New Brewpub At Argyle Street Arches

Innis & Gunn at Argyle Street Arches

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Now Open

Located next door to Glasgow street food mecca Platform, this new bar and brewery is set to be a mecca all of its own - particularly for beer  lovers. Owned by craft beer wonderbrewers Innis & Gunn, the new 350-capacity spot boasts 14 beers on draft, including the full range of Innis & Gunn IPAs and tank-fresh lager from the on-site brewery. 

The brewery, which sits in a gleaming glass case within the cavernous venue, will be churning out exclusive brews and special edition beers that will be on regular rotation, alongside offering real hops-heads the chance to take over the brew kit and craft their own craft.